Providing Full-Service Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Services

Banner Enterprises is a full-service heating and air conditioning (HVAC) company serving the North Bay region of Northern California.

We offer a variety of services to residential and commercial customers, from new system installations to repairs and maintenance as well as specialized services.

Whether you’re talking about heating or cooling, repairing or replacing a system, the company you choose should provide quality products as well as sound advice.

More importantly, that advice should be based on what is in YOUR best interest—not on what is convenient or what generates the highest commissions for the service company. At Banner, we’ll help you choose the best solution to fit your needs.

New and Replacement Systems

If your old HVAC system is not functioning well, or if it’s outdated, you are probably not getting the comfort you want. Worse, you may be needlessly driving up your energy bills.

Whether you have an old system or need a first-time installation, we’ll conduct a load analysis to determine your heating and cooling needs. A system that is too small or too large is not cost-effective or energy-efficient. It’s also important to understand that the system currently installed may not be the right size for your property.

Our recommendations for your new or replacement system will be based on your square footage, energy-saving goals and specific needs for the space.

Consult with us about:

  • Advice and help selecting the right HVAC system
  • New HVAC system installations
  • HVAC package system replacements
  • HVAC package system retrofits
  • Mini-split systems for special cooling needs
  • Maintenance and Repairs

Whether your furnace isn’t heating or your A/C system isn’t cooling, Banner has you covered. From simple filter replacement to system overhauls, we can help you keep your home or business comfortable with expert service on the system you have.

Regular service is important, since dirty, poorly-maintained systems don’t perform well. We can clean and check your system, replace dirty filters and give you an inspection report.

If your system does fail, we can repair most makes and models. Because we have a large fleet of trained technicians, a Banner representative can generally get to you on the same day.

Duct Repair and Installation

Sometimes the weakest part of your HVAC system isn’t the hardware—it’s leaky or poorly designed ductwork. We can check your existing ducts and, if needed, repair them. We can also install new ductwork, including extending or improving ductwork for existing systems.


Commercial Services

If you operate in a commercial space, your business depends on maintaining the right climate for your employees, customers and/or inventory. Banner has been a leader in commercial HVAC services for decades, serving a wide range of businesses and commercial environments.

For commercial spaces, we offer air balancing and diagnostic services. We test, adjust and balance air conditioning and ventilation systems to get the most from today’s more complex advanced systems for commercial customers.

Specialists in Wineries

With Northern California’s growth in wineries over the past several decades, Banner has emerged as one of the leading HVAC companies serving winery operations. We understand the unique needs of these types of businesses. Banner can help you design, install and maintain the right heating and cooling system for your winery—from production space to warehouse to tasting room.

Green Initiatives

With today’s focus on energy efficiency and climate-friendly practices, Banner is proud to offer:

  • High-efficiency equipment
  • Energy Star certified products
  • Ozone-friendly refrigerants

Boilers and Hydronic Heating Systems

When it comes to boilers, count on Banner’s experts to help you repair or replace your existing system. Hydronic radiant heating systems rely on a boiler to push heated water or steam throughout the property. Whether you have issues with the boiler or the hydronic distribution tubes/pipes, we can troubleshoot and help you achieve the comfort you want in your home or commercial space.

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